Dog Training for Affiliate Marketers

By now, I’m sure you’re probably an expert affiliate marketer. We’ve been keeping an eye on what’s hot on Clickbank and have found quite a few new affiliates popping up in the pet training niche.

One of my favorites at the moment is Doggy Dan’s Dog Obedience Course. This is a solid product out of New Zealand, by an expert dog trainer. It has a fantastic sales page with quality videos and graphics, and claims to have quite a high conversion rate. The reasons for the high conversions are the low-risk $1 trial, as well as a free mini course to give people a taste of what to expect with the main course.

I’m pretty excited about promoting this one, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Is UniqueHoodia a good product for high commissions?

I’m on a niche hunt again today. I’ve got a bit of a thing for weight loss products at the moment, probably because I’m on a weight loss journey myself so I’m intrigued by the variety of supplements that are on the market at the moment. There’s so many different products out there: fat burners, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters…. and plenty of mystery products too :)

So I’ve turned to my favorite health products affiliate network, MoreNiche to see what else is out there. I mentioned Phen375 in a previous post from this network which seems like a pretty good hybrid product. This time, the product I’m looking at more closely is called UniqueHoodia. This one looks pretty cool, as the claim is it’s the most pure ‘Hoodia Gordonii’ product on the market. Hoodia Gordonii is a native South African cactus, which has appetite suppressing properties. Apparently, the natives have used it for centuries to curb their hunger on treks across the deserts. Pretty cool stuff!

So I reckon I’ll have a crack at promoting this one. It sounds like a good, ethical product and should hopefully be a good seller. I’ll keep you posted.

Phen375 Fat Burner arrives at MoreNiche Affiliate Network

We’re pretty excited here to find that the Phen375 appetite suppressant and fat burner is now available for affiliate marketers at MoreNiche. This seems like a pretty amazing product: rarely does a product come along that is both anĀ appetite suppressant and a fat burner, normally you just get one or the other.

Its made with all natural ingredients, many which have been used in eastern medicine for centuries to boost metabolism and control appetite. Another bonus is that it is manufactured in USA with high quality control standards which give your customers peace of mind, helping to boost sales and your bottom line.

They offer bonus bottles for larger orders and have a streamlined sales page to keep things nice and easy. So it looks to me like the Phen375 fat burner should be an excellent product for any affiliate marketer working in the weight loss niche.